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16 Week Body Composition Study


To compare the impact of heavy-weight strength training vs light-weight strength training on body composition change.


  • 16 total weeks (2x/week).
  • 4-week heavy load (with diet intervention).
  • 8-week "washout" (normal DS workouts; no diet intervention).
  • 4-week light load (with diet intervention).
  • Bod Pod and Strength Testing to measure progress.


1-on-1 Package - $1855

  • 32 $50 1-on-1 Sessions (normally $56)
  • 5 $35 Bod Pod Tests (normally $45)
  • 4 $20 Strength Tests

Group Package - $1279

  • 32 $32 Group Sessions (normally $35)
  • 5 $35 Bod Pod Tests (normally $45)
  • 4 $20 Strength Tests


  1. Initial Bod Pod Test
  2. Wait 2 Weeks
  3. Bod Pod again along with Strength Test
  4. Start Intervention #1 (high or low load for 4 weeks with nutrition - You will be randomly assigned to a group)
  5. Bod Pod and Strength Test
  6. 8 Weeks of 2x/week workouts for "wash-out" (normal training and nutrition) 
  7. Bod Pod and Strength Test
  8. Start Intervention #2 (high or low load for 4 weeks with nutrition. You will be doing the other load type than intervention #1)
  9. Bod Pod Test and Strength Test


  • All sessions must be performed in the studio. 
  • You may start the study as soon as today through May 1st. 
  • Throughout the BCC you will be encouraged to reduce your calorific expenditure
    by 20% based on estimates from the bod-pod. You’re also encouraged to use
    MyFitnessPal to track and record your calorific expenditure on a daily basis throughout
    each 4-week BCC. Finally, to maintain muscle mass you’re encouraged to consume
    0.7grams/lb of body weight daily.

The Discover Strength Podcast featured an episode that discusses this study, listen here!

If you are interested in joining the study, please fill out the form below!